The Finest International Cuisine Buffet Restaurant in Davao City

The Davao Region is blessed with picturesque scenery, pristine white and gray sand beaches, rich natural resources, wildlife sanctuaries and diverse culture. Not only that, but it’s also home to a lot of intriguing restaurants that offer varying cuisines. These range from American, European, Arab, Asian, and – of course – Filipino.

Indeed, you can never go wrong when you’re in Davao City; you have access to some of the best restaurants around the metro. However, if you want to have a fusion of international cuisine in a buffet setting, then YakiMix Davao City is the best place for you to be in.

The International Buffet Experience

Just like what’s being stated above, YakiMix offers international cuisine in a buffet style. You have the choice of selecting dishes from the Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Korean cuisine and of course, our very own Filipino dishes. If you’re up for seconds, or maybe even non‐stop dining, you can charge right in and try to consume everything, considering it’s a buffet restaurant and all that.

The Unique Smokeless Table Grills

If you’re looking for some Korean grilled dishes, then you’re in the right place! YakiMix’s special feature is that there are electric grills available at every table for you to grill the meat you want. However, if you’re worried about the smoke produced while grilling, there’s no need for that – all the electric grills are smokeless. Because of this, Yakimix

In addition, YakiMix continues to be the number one dining destination among Dabawenyos, as it claims the title of the only and very first buffet restaurant in the city that has smokeless grills. If your group has grilled food enthusiasts, you’ll definitely want to grill all kinds of meat endlessly. Well if you can anyway. Just as stated above, you won’t have to worry about the smoke entering your eyes with these smokeless grills.

Giving Davaoeños the “Happy Tummy, Happy Dining” Experience and Customer Satisfaction for Two Years

For two whole years, YakiMix Davao has never failed to provide all who dine in their restaurant the “happy tummy, happy dining” experience. With their affordable rates of P499 for lunch and P599 for dinner, you’ll surely have a great time enjoying their buffet that features a wide variation of Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Filipino dishes.

YakiMix also holds another reputation – that of being the only restaurant with the largest, longest line of food being showcased in a Davao City restaurant. It’ll be hard for other restaurants to take this away, so customers try to help YakiMix be the only establishment with that title and constantly eat there.

How good is the food? You can place a reservation beforehand, to make sure you get a table in this restaurant. Overall, YakiMix Davao City will never fail in its mission to provide only the best customer satisfaction for you when you dine in their place. YakiMix will always be the type of place where you can treasure great memories with your family and friends over a full‐course, international, meal dining experience.

March 15, 2021